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The NOMO & RIALTO Pergola® awning systems can be fitted with remote controlled LED mood lighting RGB strips around the perimeter of the gutter system and in designated retractable fabric ribs. The LED strips can be multi colored or white only and is changed with a remote control. You can have the system automatically change the color periodically, or keep it one color. The lights are dimmable to the desired brightness.

Perimeter LED Options

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Purple LED strips for Sunair Pergola structure.jpg
Blue LED strips for Sunair Pergola structure.jpg

RIB LED Options

LED strips on Sunair Bioclimatic pergola strucftures shown in gutter technical detail.jpg

LED Lighting on the Pergola® Can Set the Mood on Your Terrace

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Our optional LED lighting are a wonderful addition to your Nomo & Rialto retractable roof Pergola® structure. They are simple to operate with a remote control. The perimeter strip LED lighting can be set to change colors automatically, or set to display one color. Your Pergola® system really is not complete without this wonderful feature. The “perimeter” LED light strips are also neatly integrated into the aluminum gutter system or structure for a modern and clean look. The "rib" strips are integrated into the individual fabric ribs that retract and extend with the fabric. You can integrate both LED lighting systems onto your Pergola® or just one. What you choose will depend on your preference or needs. The LED lights can be used in the evening when the system is extended, while the perimeter multi colored strips can be used whether the fabric is extended or retracted in the open position, as they are fixed to the perimeter gutter system. For restaurants, the lighting can be used in evenings to illuminate the interior for creating a mood and for safety lighting when the patio closes for the night. If you wish to create your own “Martini Bar” feel and atmosphere, you can do so with the “Blue” Led strips. Our Pergola® structures are sure to be the talk of the town at your favorite restaurant or bar, or in your own backyard oasis with your friends and family.

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