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All of our vinyl fabrics are high performance PVC coated membrane fabrics.  They all meet or exceeds the standards of California State Fire Marshall NFPA 701.  With a strong mesh “scrim” base, our fabrics are strong and dimensionally stable which gives excellent durability and performance.  All of our vinyl fabrics perform well with strong adhesion for welding seams and creating a waterproof awning top fabric you can count on.

Vinyl fabrics are also a good choice for commercial awnings since they offer exceptional resistance to mildew, dirt, and UV rays.  Some of the fabrics are glossy and will better resist dirt and stains.  Some of the fabrics are less glossy and more like satin, with less of a commercial and shiny looking.

Vinyl fabrics can easily be applied with graphics either with “stick on” applied pressure sensitive letters, or with hand painted letters.  With hand painted graphics, we apply a masking and use Nazdar PX75 High performance sign paint.  We will then mix the required pigments to get the correct color you desire.  Painted on graphics offer better adhesion and longevity.  The Nazdar paints work great on acrylic awning fabric too.

We also offer Backlit fabric materials that are colorful during the day and offer 24hr signage at night when lights are introduced underneath the canopy fabric surface.    Two fabrics we offer are Nite Lite which accepts stick on applied graphics, and  Eradi-lite and Cooley-Brite fabric with which you can introduce additional back lit colors and create multicolored graphic designs.

Vinyl fabrics are used primarily for our Pergola® Awnings, SC4500 zipper screens when using windows to create a three season room, and on our stationary fabric canopies.

Some vinyl fabrics are stronger and more dimensionally stable and therefore can be used for Pergola® awnings.

Our vinyl fabrics are ideal for:

  • Light Structures
  • Pergola Awnings®
  • Zipper Roller Screens
  • Fabric Canopies
  • Partitions and Curtains

We are proud to offer vinyl fabrics by Serge Ferrari, Sattler, Patio 500 by Trivantage, and Weblon Inc. / Coastline Plus. 

Ask your SUNAIR® dealer which fabric is best for your application.

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