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Fire Resistance is increasingly important for public spaces, especially for restaurants and dining spaces and commercial buildings.  If an up-to-code fire-resistant awning fabric is needed and you do not desire to use a vinyl fabric, Sunbrella Firesist and Sattler Firemaster will make a great choice for your awning.  These fabric are solution dyed and give you the fabric look as well as pass California State Fire Marshal test.  These fabrics can be used on smaller retractable style awnings.  They are not ideal for use on very large retractable awnings or commercial stationary canopies, where a water-proof fabric and less stretch is desired.


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Sattler‘s Firemaster Plus is designed to increase flame-resistance to comply with stringent building codes and to provide the utmost safety. Firemaster is primarily a commercial fabric, intended for hard-wearing and durable use. Sattler Firemaster Plus adds a patented flame-retardant finish to its mod-acrylic fabrics, which makes this product even safer. It is rated as a B1 construction material, suitable for light industrial and office buildings, up to four stories tall. It‘s also certified by the California Fire Marshal as a flame-retardant material. In addition, it has two other finishes engineered to enhance outdoor performance: On the one hand an extra-strength water-repellant finish that makes the woven mod-acrylic fabric virtually waterproof. On the other hand an odor-neutralizing finish minimizes objectionable environmental odors (such as soil or plant debris) and man-made smells like food and smoke.

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The deck is now our new family area. Our SUNAIR retractable awning looks just as good after 5 years as it did when it was installed.

– Fred, Annapolis, MD

I want to congratulate your company on its excellent customer service, something that in today's world is nearly nonexistent. From the very...

– Satisfied Customer

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