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Making a decision to motorize your new Sunair® awning or shade is an easy one. With an added optional motor and a handheld remote, there is no more manually extending and retracting the system. With a simple touch of a button from up to 65 ft. away the awning or shade will extend and retract automatically. To also make operating your shade more convenient, you can use Smartphone and Tablet Interface.

Sunair offers three smartphone compatable products: Bond, Somfy TaHoma RTS, and Daisy.


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Bond      TaHoma RTS     Daisy


Additionally add a Eolis 3D Wireless Wind Sensor, or for two in one the Soliris Sun & Wind Wired Sensor Adding an automatic "wind" sensor to your awning can retract the awning in high winds minimizing the possibility of damage to the awning and surrounding property. Sun sensors automatically can control your awning or screen to maximize energy savings and protect your indoor carpet and furnishings.


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Eolis 3D Wireless Wind Sensor 

  Soliris RTS Sun & Wind Wired Sensors



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Choose How You Want To Control Your Experience

  • Hand Held Remotes
  • Wireless Wall Switches
  • Mobile Devices with the Apps TaHoma, Daisy or Bond 
  • Timers 
  • Sun Sensors
  • Wind Sensor

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Somfy remotes we offer

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Bond remotes we offer

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Retractable Awning Motor

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The motor is conveniently installed inside the roller tube of the awning, so you will hardly notice it. If outfitted with a Manual Override, you can easily retract the awning if the electricity is cut off. While you may want to hire an electrician to "hardwire" multiple rolling screens or awnings to your house electrical system, a single retractable awning can be fitted with a plug in cord that simply plugs into an available outlet on your deck. With The plug in cords, there is no need for an electrician. In addition, the optional wind or sun sensors are battery operated and wirefree. According to somfy, we all like to save money, to know we’re getting the best possible deal on the products we buy. But being frugal doesn’t always mean paying as little as possible for something. It can also mean spending your money wisely on things that are built to last so that they don’t actually end up costing you more in the long run. With this in mind, we’ve scouted out the products we believe are worth the splurge not only because they’ll make your life easier and more comfortable but also because, years down the line, you’ll still be using them without having to spend another cent on them. We agree with Somfy, motorize and accessories your awning and shade solution. It will make operating your sunshade solutions more convenient and safe.


What does RTS Mean?

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Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) is Somfy’s exclusive control platform which enables users to adjust motorized interior window coverings and motorized exterior products such as awnings, rolling shutters, pergolas and screens from virtually anywhere inside or outside the home. RTS allows users to enter a world of solutions designed to create ambiance and bring designs to life to provide the ultimate combination of luxury and performance effortlessly! RTS is offered with a variety of control options such as hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, tabletop controls, mobile device control, timers, and sensors.


How Does It Work?

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A simple press of a button on the remote control or wireless wall switch sends out a radio wave signal to move any motorized interior or exterior window coverings with ease. There is no need to point or aim the remote, because RTS is omnidirectional and operates within a range of up to 65 feet. And just like a garage door opener, the radio waves travel through walls, making control of motorized products easier than ever.

Customers Say

During this winter, on sunny days we raised our sunair windowscreens, allowing sunlight to warm and brighten our rooms. Sure beats window tint!

– Mike H

Fantastic company to work with and an amazing job on a rooftop Pergola. We absolutely love it and the quality is great! Highly recommend! 

– Ann

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