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Acrylic solution dyed fabrics integrate perfectly in any outdoor space creating protection from the sun and elements and adding a touch of colour and elegance. This fabric is ideally suited for retractable awnings and stationary fabric canopies providing comfort in the heat of the summer. Acrylic fibers are saturated with highly UV stable pigments. These fabrics are breathable creating a comfortable space below that is mildew and fade resistant. Some Acrylic fabrics like Tempotest® from Para has a water repellant Teflon® coating. Feel free to choose one of our solid or striped colors from our stock signature PARA Tempotest® fabric collection or one of our other available great fabric brands like Sattler, and Sunbrella by Glen Raven Mills.

Why Sunair prefers PARA Fabric?

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Sunair awnings maintains a large inventory of PARA awning fabric at its Jessup, MD factory. We have selected PARA as our preferred and inventoried fabric because PARA offers advantages to the consumer that the other Acrylic fabrics do not. We are of course happy to supply your awning with any of the other brand names, like Sunbrella, Sattler, Recacril, and Dickson. All of the fabrics are made of the same solution dyed acrylic material. All have the same UV resistant characteristics and most offer a similar 10-year warranty. The differences are found in how that acrylic is rendered into cloth. Para is more appropriate for awnings.

  • PARA is made as a dedicated awning fabric from the start. Solution dyed acrylic fabric is used in two main industries, the marine industry and the awning industry. Each application has different requirements for fabric. Marine fabric should have some stretch and elasticity. Awnings should be completely dimensionally stable.
  • Para has two separate production lines: one for marine use and one for awning application. They make a dedicated awning fabric with ideal, dimensionally stable characteristics for awnings.
  • Para has a higher thread count: because the PARA individual threads are spun tighter (less elastic) they are narrower. There are more threads per inch in PARA, so the fabric is stronger as well as less elastic. 79 thread per inch warp.
  • Para uses Teflon finish: Because awnings should repel dirt, PARA uses the most non-stick finish available for awnings. TEFLON by DuPont is coated on every roll of PARA fabric inventoried by Sunair.
  • PARA is TUV certified. TUV/GS is a global, third party, independent testing laboratory. They evaluate and report on a product’s quality and appropriateness for use. PARA awning fabric enjoys the highest TUV certification, as does the Sunair awning family.

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Fantastic company to work with and an amazing job on a rooftop Pergola. We absolutely love it and the quality is great! Highly recommend! 

– Ann

Just wanted to let you know we are happy with the reinstallation of our awning. The installers were great answered our questions and did a...

– Mike O’Neil

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