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Low Voltage Lighting
Low Voltage Lighting

STARLED Lighting option for Pergola®

Starled are high efficiency led lights that allow you to create an intimate, picturesque and bright room under the Pergola® Awning. This low voltage system also has all wires neatly welded into the folds of the fabric for a finished look. Operated by a remote control, it is a great addition to your Pergola® Awnings

Low Voltage Lighting
  • Led bar length 130cm. 140 Led per m. 24V, PW 14W
  • Opaline polycarbonate tube 15x15mm
  • Closing Caps
  • Installation with screws and adhesive tape 3M
  • Light color @3000°K
  • Light emission: @1050 lumen
  • High efficiency, warm light Led. Lumen-power ratio is very high, about @110lm/W
Low Voltage Lighting
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Customers Say

During this winter, on sunny days we raised our sunair windowscreens, allowing sunlight to warm and brighten our rooms. Sure beats window tint!

– Mike H

I want to congratulate your company on its excellent customer service, something that in today's world is nearly nonexistent. From the very...

– Satisfied Customer

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