Opera & Vision Testing

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Opera and Vision Bioclimatic Pergola® and structures are water tested by Istituto Giordano, simulating a precipitation equal to 369 mm/hour at a bar pressure of 3,4 and no time limit (Opera tested: 450x600cm. with two downpipes).

Maximum permissible load acknowledged by certified engineers:
Up to 600 Kg/sqm depending on size (for each size is given a corresponding value)

Opera 1 Campata 200.PNG

Wind resistance tested from a minimum of grade 6 to a maximum of grade 11 of the Beaufort Scale. Performance indicated for each size (with side closures).

Opera 1 Campata Scala.PNG

Rest assured that your Opera or Vision Louvered Pergola® structure has been thoroughly tested for Pratic by the "Giordano" institute in Italy. That means, it is assured to be made with the highest quality components and design. The entire structure and individual components have undergone preliminary structural finite element analysis ( FEA) , numerous mechanical and dynamic stress tests, and have been certified by external professionals to guarantee safety and quality.

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