Dimmable LED Awning Lighting for Our Awnings

For that special evening with friends or family, create that special mood on your patio with our optional LED lighting strips from Somfy®. These small 3 ft light strips are available as "Cool White" and "Warm White" and can be easily added to an existing or new awning to create the desired ambience. The dimmable LED Somfy receiver can be controlled by the same awning remote. Any of Somfys standard "multi channel" remotes will work. The Led's also add safety, security and functionality to your Sunair® awning. They are perfect for residential applications as well as commercial restaurants and hotels.



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The Somfy LED strips can easily be controlled with a multi channel Telis 4 remote, or for greater convenience with our MyLINK™ system. With MyLINK™ you can Control your awning, light and any RTS products while home or away using your tablet or smartphone. A simple on-screen setup wizard helps you create timed events, scenes and more. Please refer to our "Motorize my awning or shade" section of our web site for more information on how to control the LED's and your sun shade devices with Mylink™ and remote controllers.

In addition, choose from a broad range of control options such as hand-held remotes, wireless wall switches, automatic timers, sensors or a convenient app. Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS) line of controls and accessories offer products to personalize and brighten up your outdoor spaces.

Sunair® is proud to be offering our awnings and shades with quality Somfy® motors, electronics, and remotes. In fact, Sunair has been a customer and distributor of Somfy motors and controls for over 50 years. Their products are of the highest quality consistent with our own philosophy of manufacturing the best awnings and screens on the market. In addition to their high quality motors, Somfy® also have the a superior accessories range that makes are awnings and screens easy to use and install. This is a benefit both for the consumer and the awning dealer.


You need a multi channel remote for the LED's such as the Somfy Telis 4 remote depicted above. The awning can be controlled on channel one. with a simple click, you can change the channel to the 2nd channel, and turn on and off the LED's.

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