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Which Fabric is available for your Solar screen?

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Options Models
  SC1000 SC1500 SC2000 SC2500 SC4000 SC4500 Interior Solar Screens
Tuff Screen Bug Screening              
Rec Screen 5000P              
Ferrari 502/602 Vinyl              
Mermet 4500 Natte           with std cables    
Mermet 5500 Satine           with std. cables    
Textiline 80/90/95              
Acrylic Fabric              
Ferarri 86/92              
Suntex 90/95           with std cables    
Alkenz 4000         with std. cables & track      
E screen              
Alkenz 3000              
Sierra Sol Blackout              

Customers Say

During this winter, on sunny days we raised our sunair windowscreens, allowing sunlight to warm and brighten our rooms. Sure beats window tint!

– Mike H

By covering our upper deck, our new Pratic pergola by Sunair, allows us to take dinner reservations and book wedding receptions with ...

– John D. Chesapeake Inn

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