Commercial Fabric Canopies & Awnings | Sunair Awnings

Sunair awnings manufactures and installs custom fabric canopies for office and apartment buildings.

blue fabric canopies for an office building with numbers 408 and 406
long fabric canopy with number 818 on the front

Sunair® canopies can dress up your restaurant or storefront with dramatic and decorative canopies that are eye catching and stylish.

naticoke inn red and white awnings over red door
three black awnings for a restaurant
morton's steakhouse red canopy storefront
Cuddles Gifts awning in front of store
black and white awning for hard bean coffee

Sunair® canopies offer extra seating and protection for your patrons and are custom made to fit your application.  They can even be fitted with roll down screens to create a three season patio at your restaurant complete with heaters and lighting.

canopy stretched over large dining area that is a bluish green
red canopy with white roll down screens for restaurant seating area
office building with large blue canopy that says Cafe 57
restaurant seating area with red canopy providing solar protection

Sunair® canopies can also protect your patrons and employees from rain and snow over steps, walkways

main box office red canopy with ticket purchase windows
light blue canopy that extends out over the stairs to the building entrance

Sunair® canopies can also be used to enclose your restaurant or office entrance in the winter with a foyer to keep the warm air inside, and keeping the cold draft at bay.  These enclosures are removable for the spring and summer.

canopy used to enclose a dining area during the winter
canopy around a doorway entrance

Customers Say

The deck is now our new family area. Our SUNAIR retractable awning looks just as good after 5 years as it did when it was installed.

– Fred, Annapolis, MD

Just wanted to let you know we are happy with the reinstallation of our awning. The installers were great answered our questions and did a...

– Mike O’Neil

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