Louvered pergolas are a fantastic addition to outdoor spaces, offering a blend of functionality and aesthetics. This modern new concept is quickly becoming fashionable, and many homeowners and restaurants are incorporating them into their outdoor design. There are many benefits, including creating the perfect atmosphere, convenience of use, and protection for you and your loved ones, or patrons from the elements.


A Louvered pergola essentially consists of frame that is constructed on a patio or outdoor space. This frame is made of high-quality powder coated aluminum and is typically assembled as a free-standing module on the patio, or partially affixed to the house wall with posts at the far projection side. These Pergolas can be manually operated, but the better-quality systems are motorized for convenience and functionality as customers typically opt to have many options added into their Pergola system. Essentially, the frame has a number of metal louvers that can be adjusted on demand to the sun’s angle to allow light or block light and to keep the sun from heating up the space, keeping you cool. The metal louvers can also lay flat to keep out rain, keeping you dry in the space.

The better-quality systems have integrated gutters, so the water flows into the side gutters and down the posts which act as a downspout as well as a post upright.

Some models also retract and slide open in addition to tilting. Many options like retractable roll down bug or sunscreens, led light, fans, and heaters can be added to customize the system to your needs.


The main advantage of the louvered system is the design itself. Because of this design, you have the complete ability to adjust the louvers on demand to the sun’s angle, while still permitting light and air flow through the space, you will lower the temperature in the space and keep you shaded. In addition, it will also keep out rain and heat. If you’re looking to add a more solid structure to your home, a louvered roof is just what you need!


Here are the main advantages of a louvered Pergola:


  • Custom made systems are made to best fit your space and needs.
  • They are more durable than a standard retractable patio awning. The system can be used in more wind and inclement weather than a regular awning typically can be.
  • You have complete control of the sun entering the space at the touch of a button.  With a remote control or smart tablet interface you can adjust louvers for as much or little sun exposure as desired.
  • Extend the outdoor living area and increase the value of your home.
  • Increase the usable seating area for your restaurant or hospitality space.  For hotels, nightclubs and bars, the louvered roof system will provide comfort and protection for your patrons year-round and show a return on investment very rapidly. They can also be used for weddings, parties, and corporate events.
  • Upgrade to a retractable type of louvered system for the al-fresco feel. With the louvers being fully retractable, you can open the space up completely on the nice summer evenings or on cloudy days when the sun is not present. Brera pergola by Sunair is one manufacturer offering a fully retractable Pergola.
  • Extend the season by enclosing the Pergola with roll down screens. These screens can be made with mesh fabric to keep pesky bugs at bay, or with vinyl fabric and windows to keep you warmer and expand the use to three seasons.  With heaters added you can sometimes use the space year-round.
  • Add Led and heaters to create an ambiance and heat the space when it is cooler outside.
  • Add automatic sensor to the Pergola so it responds to rain and wind automatically.
  • You can add multiple modules together of various sizes to best cover an outdoor space.



Other things to take into consideration when designing your outdoor space for a consider with a louvered pergola:


  • A custom-made louvered system with all the bells and whistles is not inexpensive. Depending on the system size and options you choose, it can still be less expensive than a permanent enclosure or porch.
  • When configuring the system, you typically want the metal louver direction to be North to South. That way you can fully adjust the Louvers as the sun moves from East to West. If you run the louvers East to West, you pretty much must have the louvers mostly shut and in horizontal closed off position to protect the space from sun. This does not let much air through either helping cool the space.
  • Screens are typically needed when the sun gets low on the horizon, early morning, or late afternoon. Some higher end systems have optional integrated screens into the Pergola beams. Sunair Awnings offers the OPERA louvered system that has optional screens incorporated within the structure. Many other manufacturers will affix a screen underneath the beam, which is not as aesthetically pleasing.
  • Posts typically need proper blocking in the deck and engineering to make sure the deck and withstand the extra weight. Patios typically also need footers added for each post location.
  • A permit is typically needed on all commercial installations. Often if the Pergola is free standing the permitting is not as rigorous, especially on a residential project.
  • In areas prone to hurricanes and tropical storms it is necessary to have the pergola configuration, site specifics, and installation fully engineered and signed off by a qualified engineer in your state.


Sunair distributes the OPERA, VISION, and BRERA louvered pergola models.

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