The Zen Pergola® in A Residential Space

The ZEN Pergola® Awning system is a unique free standing manual operation only system.  Ideal for small residential and commercial applications where you desire the modern look with function.  Since the unit is flat, water then drains to the side. 

big garden with pergola over small sitting area
wooden pergola with cream awning stretched over small outdoor seating section


The ZEN Pergola® system is available with below configuration and options.


  • Available in custom sizes up to 14' 9" wide x 16' 9" projection
  • Manual Hand Crank Operation
  • Available only manual crank operated
  • Ferrari 502 and 602 vinyl fabric fabrics
  • Side Water Drainage
  • 5 year limited warranty



Customers Say

During this winter, on sunny days we raised our sunair windowscreens, allowing sunlight to warm and brighten our rooms. Sure beats window tint!

– Mike H

The deck is now our new family area. Our SUNAIR retractable awning looks just as good after 5 years as it did when it was installed.

– Fred, Annapolis, MD

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